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About HPS Plumbing Services in San Diego

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No matter what plumbing issue you are facing, entrust them all to HPS Plumbing Services. Since 1959, our plumbing company has been a trusted service team throughout Southern California. Equipped with only the best tools for our best customers, our San Diego plumbers are dedicated to keeping all residential and commercial plumbing systems in the area running smoothly. We handle both small and large-scale plumbing jobs and can ensure a work done right and up to code every time.

What makes our plumbing company stand out?

  • We have technical expertise on even the most perplexing plumbing issue
  • We offer a full range of residential plumbing and repair services
  • We are known for our commercial, municipal, and industrial piping services
  • We focus on safety and we have an excellent in-house safety program

Our team is looking forward to serving you. Contact us today at (858) 217-4112 to receive a free estimate on the plumbing services in San Diego you need.

A Lookback at Our History

Originally founded by Harry DenHerder in 1959 as Harry’s Plumbing Service, HPS Plumbing Services used to work with just one truck for all service calls throughout Bakersfield, California. The plumbing company eventually grew as it focused on providing services and remodeling jobs until it was passed down to Harry’s son, Les DenHerder in 1976. Through hard work and dedication, HPS successfully expanded its operations to San Diego in 1982 and has remained committed to doing top-notch plumbing work in the San Diego community for over 35 years. Today, HPS Plumbing Services has expanded into new construction, including plumbing design services and engineering in San Diego and other cities in Southern California as well as Nevada. We remain one of the leaders in the plumbing industry known for our technical expertise and quality work no matter the size or scope of the San Diego plumbing job. We are proud to be a progressive company committed to taking care of all your needs today and in the future.

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Keeping your plumbing system reliable is not just for your convenience but for your safety and the safety of our employees as well. We know that plumbing issues pose certain risks, such as slip and falls, electrocution, and other water damage, which is why we strive hard to ensure a job done right every time. Over the last couple of decades, we are proud of our impressive safety record with losses for general liability and workers’ compensation accounting for only less than 15% of our premiums.

Building Lifelong Relationships Since 1959

At HPS Plumbing Services, we see the importance of working as a team to achieve a goal. In fact, many of our employees have been with us since Day 1. We have also retained lifelong vendors and a loyal following throughout Southern California and Nevada. Together with clients like you, our vendors, and all our employees, we are looking forward to achieving more in terms of projects and services.

Experience the best plumbing service from the best plumbers in San Diego. Call HPS Plumbing Services today at (858) 217-4112.

Plumbing at It's Finest!

Why Hire HPS Plumbing Services?
  • Premier Plumbers

    Our contractors are licensed, trained and certified to handle all your plumbing needs.

  • Top-Quality Service

    Our team has a reputation for exceeding expectations and getting the job done right the first.

  • Prime Tools

    We only use top of the line equipment when tending to our customers' plumbing requests.

  • Loyalty to Our Customers

    San Diego residents know exactly who to call when their plumbing's in trouble!