Leaking pipe

Everything You Need to Know About Water Leaks

While there is simply no way to overlook larger water leaks or to ignore a true plumbing emergency, seemingly minor leaks that are more likely to escape notice can often be a more serious problem than many homeowners realize. Any leaks within the plumbing system can result in higher than expected utility bills or cause extensive damage to the home, especially in situations where the leak remains undetected or when property owners fail to take prompt action to correct the problem.

Preventative maintenance, routine service, and inspection as well as equipment that can automatically detect and report a leak within the system can all play an important role in protection against a water leak.

Just How Common Are Residential Water Leaks?

Leaking pipes, faulty fixtures, and other plumbing-related issues and problems that may result in a leak occur far more frequently than many homeowners might expect. Leaks may be especially common in older homes where the plumbing may be past its prime or in properties where the plumbing system may have been constructed using second-rate equipment. A top-down inspection of the entire system is often the best way to ensure it remains free of leaks and other plumbing problems.

Understanding the True Cost of a Water Leak

Larger leaks have the potential to cause serious damage in a very short amount of time, often requiring hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of cleanup and repair costs. While smaller leaks may seem like a less pressing concern, even a faucet that is suffering from a slow drip can end up wasting tens of gallons of water over the course of a month. Leaks that remain unnoticed can drive up the cost of household utilities as well as causing damage to drywall, flooring materials or forcing homeowners to seek out costly mold remediation and removal services.

Minimizing the Damage

Plumbing leaks that occur within the walls, floor, or other interior space of a home can easily result in significant damage before the problem is even noticed. Failing to spot the problem, choosing to ignore it, or failing to take the measures necessary to repair leaking pipes or damaged fixtures are all missteps that can lead to more extensive damage and higher repair costs.

Dealing with any plumbing problems as soon as they arise or investing in the routine maintenance, inspection and other services needed to prevent a problem from occurring can go a long way towards reducing the scope of damages and ensuring that cleanup and repair costs are less likely to get out of hand.

Signs of a Leak

Stained or discolored drywall, a noticeable bulge within the ceiling, or the presence of high humidity and strong musty odors are all common signs of a leak. Loss of water pressure or a sudden and unexplained increase in household water consumption and utility costs can also be a strong indication that something may be wrong.

Recognizing the signs of a water leak or other plumbing-related problem early on and calling in the professionals in order to deal with the situation can make a world of difference, especially when dealing with leaks that have the potential to cause extensive damage.

Dealing With a Leak

While a simple leaky faucet may require little more than basic know-how and common household tools to repair, there are plenty of other problems that require tools, expertise, and other resources that few homeowners may be able to provide on their own. Professional repairs are often the best way to deal with a plumbing issue.

When it comes to dealing with more extensive damage to the plumbing system or trying to repair leaks that occur in hard-to-reach areas, professional repairs and service solutions can often be the only viable option.

Preventing a Leak From Occurring

Cleanup and repair costs associated with even minor water damage can quickly become very expensive. Preventing a leak from occurring may often be done for a fraction of the repair costs that may be needed to deal with the situation after the fact.

Scheduling an annual or even seasonal inspection of a home's plumbing system ensures that any issues that do arise can be identified and remedied before they turn into more serious problems. Professional inspection and testing services as well as equipment options like the Phyn Smart Water Assistant which will monitor the system for leaks and can be installed by homeowners themselves can help to minimize the risk of a leak or other plumbing problem.

Failing to prevent a water leak or to address the problem as quickly as possible can drastically increase cleanup and repair costs. If you have noticed the signs of a leak or other plumbing-related issue within the home, don't wait, Contact HPS Plumbing Services today.