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Water Heater Repair in San Diego

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Most homeowners do not think about their hot water heater until it stops working or there's a major problem. If your hot water heater experiences any type of disruption, it can cause a serious inconvenience for everyone in your household. Some of these problems may be sudden, while others could be developing unbeknownst to you for years. At HPS Plumbing Services, our San Diego plumbers can help you resolve any type of issue with your water heater, from maintenance or simple repairs to replacement.

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Troubleshooting Water Heater Problems in San Diego

Water heater problems can be difficult to detect without professional training, that is until they are about to stop working entirely. By knowing the signs to look out for, you may be able to prevent a total disaster. It is important that you call for professional help when you notice these signs, rather than trying to fix your water heater yourself. DIY water heater repairs can be extremely dangerous, especially with gas water heaters that rely on pilot light.

A few signs that your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced include:

  • Leaking hot water tank
  • No hot water
  • Insufficient hot water
  • Loud, odd sounds from tank
  • Discolored water

A gas water heater is one of the most obvious differences between that and an electric water heater. Because of the presence of a pilot light, if it is out, it cannot ignite and unable to provide the house with hot water. Alternatively, with an electric water heater, a tripped circuit or a blown fuse could point to reasons why the water heater refuses to work. San Diego plumbing services company, HPS Plumbing Services can locate the problem with your water heater, whether you have gas or electric, and offer support and suggestions on repairs, new installations, and even replacements if necessary!

Installation & Replacement of Water Heaters

Notice that your water heater leaks? Does it continuously keep shutting off? If your hot water heater is more than 10-15 years old and keeps running into problems, it is likely time to consider replacing it. Fortunately, newer units are much more efficient and in the long run, you will likely experience cost savings. Our San Diego water heater repair specialists can handle the replacement or installation process from start to finish.

Do not hesitate to contact our team at HPS Plumbing Services for a free estimate or more information on our water heater repair in San Diego.

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